GÉANT Infoshare - eduMEET

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

eduMEET is a WebRTC web-conferencing platform, designed and developed within GÉANT project. The platform was developed by the R&E community for the R&E community, to enable NRENs and institutions to build low-cost, easy-to-use video conferencing platforms for small to medium sized groups.

eduMEET meets the need for a low-cost, secure, open and transparent alternative to commercial video conferencing solutions that require no special software or client, and that can be operated and supported from within the community.

eduMEET is intended to be used by NRENS who wish to create video conferencing services for members, and also for schools, colleges and universities who want to setup their own video conferencing service. Due to its open source foundation, eduMEET is also accessible to developers and integrators who wish to build on its capabilities or incorporate it within other more integrated solutions, such as learning management systems and e-learning tools, for example.

eduMEET is a continuous work in progress, constantly being enhanced with new features to improve the user experience. For example, ongoing development includes support for very large and highly distributed meetings that require a distributed mesh of SFU servers, real-time recording and more.

The goal of this Infoshare is to highlight the advantages offered by eduMEET to NRENs and the project community and to demonstrate real-life use cases via the eduMEET Demo Service (https://edumeet.geant.org/), and to gather community input on future developments.

eduMEET references:

General information about the service and the supported tools:



Demo Service:


Case Studies:


Contact for Q&As: support@edumeet.org; idzik@man.poznan.pl 


  • Short, general presentation
  • Promo movie
  • Live demo (via Zoom screen sharing)
  • Future plan + discussion
  • Al M
  • Alisher Davlatov
  • Andreas Dudler
  • Antonio Campa
  • Arsim Osmani
  • Auke Pals
  • Bernard Brochier
  • Brenda Namuli
  • Davide Molinelli
  • Diego Sutera
  • Domenico Fasciano
  • Erik Kikkenborg
  • Fabrizio Roccato
  • Federico Bovi
  • Felipe Cecagno
  • Giovanni Cannataro
  • Giovanni Giacalone
  • Giovanni Radeka
  • Giulio Casella
  • Giuseppe Muscarella
  • Ignazio Fontana
  • Lorenzo Righetti
  • Marina De Giorgi
  • Paolo Preite
  • Roberto Sabatino
  • Tommaso Gallo
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