Domain name system (DNS) protection

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This is the third module in the “Operational network security” training programme.

Training is available to GN4.3, NRENs, NREN member organizations, system admin, network operators.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the oldest protocols of the internet. It has proven to be capable to scale with the tremendous growth of the internet and also to remain adaptable to a variety of new applications, several of them relevant to the security of today's networks. Being a protocol from days when the internet was much smaller and thought to be safe, it has to cope with its own inherent security problems. The course will start with an introduction to DNS which will outline the basic security problems surrounding its operation. The following modules will deal with using the domain name system for network defence, like blackholing malicious domains and logging queries to infer intruder activity on the own network. The later modules will address the inherent security problems of DNS, starting with integrity protection through DNSSec and concluding the course with a module on privacy protection through DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTP (DoH).

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