GÉANT Infoshare - NMaaS news

(Timezone - Europe/Paris)

NMaaS (Network Management as a Service) is a GÉANT production service offering a portfolio of well-known network management applications run on a per-user, secured, cloud-based network monitoring infrastructure. The deployment of new monitoring application instance takes only few clicks in a web-based Portal and just a few minutes.

NMaaS is meant for smaller and emerging NRENs, campuses, small organisations or distributed research projects that do not have the relevant expertise and that may have limited resources to develop and/or maintain their own NMS infrastructure or planned to outsource these activities. NMaaS can be used also by large NRENs as a platform to support the network operations of the smaller institutions connected to the NREN.

Service is being continuously enhanced with new features with the main goal to improve user experience and allow for extending the list of provided tools.

This Infoshare is organised by the GN4-3 project with the goal to familiarize the audience with the concept and benefits provided by NMaaS to the NREN and project community and to demonstrate a real-life use case of NMaaS supporting the operations and monitoring of the RARE (https://wiki.geant.org/display/RARE) experimental infrastructure.

NMaaS references:

General information about the service and the supported tools: https://wiki.geant.org/display/NMAAS

Production instance: https://nmaas.eu

Playground instance: https://nmaas.geant.org

NMaaS infoshare video recording: https://youtu.be/LUN_HBpbSlk

  • Adam Kaczmarek
  • Akileswaran Radhakrishnan
  • Alejandro Lara
  • Alisson Meneses Mesquita
  • Ana Medina
  • Antoine Delvaux
  • Apostolos Papagiannakis
  • Asko Hakala
  • Blas Gomez
  • Bor Šumrada
  • Buseung Cho
  • Carlos Araújo de Sousa
  • Carlyn Lee
  • Claude Tompers
  • Damjan Ferlič
  • Daniel Zimmermann
  • Egon Niederacher
  • Eoin Kenny
  • Fortune Gijima
  • George Konnis
  • Glenn Wearen
  • Harvey Newman
  • Indrek Rokk
  • Ivan Garnizov
  • Ivana Golub
  • Jean-Pierre Aerts
  • Johann Hugo
  • John Graham
  • Jure Knez
  • Kostas Stamos
  • Lars Fischer
  • Leda Fiouri
  • Liam Kennedy
  • Louis Twomey
  • Lukasz Lopatowski
  • Magda Haver
  • Marcos Junior
  • Marina De Giorgi
  • Meelis Kaljumäe
  • Michael Baierlein
  • Milun Bojovic
  • Morten Brekkevold
  • Nathalie McKenzie
  • Panos Kolyvas
  • Pavle Vuletic
  • Paweł Malak
  • Philipp Rammer
  • Rafael Tavares
  • Robin Andrianne
  • Rodrigo Correa
  • Ronald van der Pol
  • Simon Leinen
  • Spiros Bolis
  • Stelios Sartzetakis
  • Stephane Racine
  • Valeriu Vraciu
  • Vlado Pribolšan
  • Vojdan Kjorveziroski
  • Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi