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GÉANT Infoshare - Fair Principles and RDA

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

FAIR concepts and implementation, Françoise Genova
The FAIR principles have been a key element of Open Science since their inception in the seminal paper from Wilkinson et al. in 2016. Lots of work has been, and is, devoted to explore the concepts and to understand the FAIR ecosystem and its constitutive elements, including the definition of metrics and possible evaluation. On-boarding research communities is recognized as an essential element for the implementation of the web of FAIR data and services, which requires to take their culture and practices into account. The way astronomy has built a world-wide, open data infrastructure providing seamless access to resources well before FAIR was defined will be taken as an example.

FAIR at DeiC, Anders Conrad

DeiC – the Danish NREN – has been involved in supporting and co-funding data management activities for a number of years. These activities, largely based in the national Data Management Forum, have included exploring aspects of implementing the FAIR principles, and resulted in outputs such as researcher interviews, promotional materials, e-learning courses, and training and implementation workshops about FAIR. In this talk some of these results will be presented, alongside with the strategic background for DeiC’s continued and growing involvement with data management and FAIR.

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