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GNA-G Community Meeting at SC23

(Timezone - US/Mountain)
(Denver, Colorado, USA)
Denver, Colorado, USA

We are inviting you to the GNA-G Community Meeting at SC23 which will cover the following topics:

  • Update from GNA-G Leadership Team and its working groups
  • Demonstrations at SC23
  • Open discussion of future GNA-G activities

Location: Caltech booth #1255

Please register below to help us determine the size of the attendance.

  • Ajay Makan
  • Bruno Hoeft
  • Celeste Anderson
  • David Wilde
  • Jennifer Schopf
  • Jim Williams
  • Joe Mambretti
  • Joe Topjian
  • Mariam Kiran
  • Pieter de Boer
  • Scott Kohlert
  • Tom Lehman
  • Yves Poppe
  • 3 others
The agenda of this meeting is empty