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Advanced IP technologies to accelerate REN’s ambitions

(Timezone - Europe/London)
(Cambridge, UK )
Cambridge, UK

Today’s REN IT network engineers and administrators face significant challenges to support their research community evolving needs. Network complexity increases as  the need for scalability and capacity grows to support the  REN’s connectivity across the WAN, the data center and the cloud. 

Existing network management and provisioning systems are too slow and error prone, requiring administrative intervention to coordinate service delivery and connectivity across multiple network layers. Exposure to security threats from bad actors increases with more end-points connecting to the network.  To address these challenges, advanced IP and optical technologies are needed. 

These include: EVPN and segment routing to simplify IP services and transport layers; digital coherent routing to support 400G/800G speeds while reducing equipment costs;  Python programmability, real-time streaming telemetry and control plane integration with SDN controllers and orchestrators that support open APIs to simply and automate operations. 

In this workshop NOKIA will present their solutions for high performance networking tailored to the Research and Education network community.

Speaker: Bruno De Troch, Director PLM IP & Automation – EMEA

  • Antonis Lioumis
  • Ashaba Nebert
  • Babis Mantelis
  • Bill Cusack
  • Bruno Hoeft
  • Carlos Neves
  • Chrysostomos Tziouvaras
  • Cristina Comezzi
  • Curt Wagner
  • Dave Nowoswiat
  • Fahadi Muhumuza
  • Grace Tayebwa
  • Indrek Rokk
  • joe hicks
  • karl Meyer
  • Kurt Bauer
  • Leonidas Konstantopoulos
  • Lorena Gomez Gaviria
  • Lyes Laissaoui
  • Mart Casuyon
  • mount allen
  • Omar Al-mutar
  • Paulo Teixeira
  • Shadi Sayed
  • Stefan Piger
  • Thomas Hainzel
  • Tiziana Moro
  • Usman Ali
  • Vassilis Kokoretsis
  • Victor Turyahebwa
  • 13 others
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