Webinar Amazon AWS on the EHDS and discussion panel

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

In this meeting, an overview of the current understanding of the European Health Data Space will be provided.

The current key services supporting Digital health by Amazon AWS will be presented, together with an overview of relevant supported Use Cases.

A panel discussion, involving all participants, will follow on where to go from here, what common actions could be supported to improve the community support to Digital Health and Digital Health Data Access.

The webinar will be recorded. 

  • Agata Jablonka
  • Antonio Carrozzo
  • Cathrin Stover
  • Dilza Campos
  • Edward Curry
  • Friederike Schröder-Pander
  • Gabriela Astudillo
  • Gabriele von Voigt
  • George Konnis
  • Jan Wiebelitz
  • Khrystyna Shlyakhtovska
  • Mario Reale
  • Paulo Lopes
  • Peter Moll
  • Sabrina Tomassini
  • Sotirios Pavlopoulos
  • Sotirios Pavlopoulos
  • Syrine Souissi
  • Tim Cutts
  • Ville Tenhunen
  • 5 others
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