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Workshop: GÉANT Cloud Framework

(Timezone - Europe/Tirane)
TNC23 (Tirana, Albania)


Tirana, Albania
Jakob Tendel (DFN), Maria Ristkok

Community workshop on topics surrounding the GÉANT Cloud Framework. Coordinated with and leading into the afternoon session of the SIG-CISS (Cloud Interoperable Software Stacks).

Tentative topics:

  • Look ahead to the coming next GÉANT infrastructure cloud procurement
  • Research success stories in the cloud
  • Institutions as cloud demand aggregators
  • Hybrid use-cases


The agenda is being firmed up at this time and will be updated here closer to the event.

Please note: This is a side meeting. In order to attend, you will need to purchase a side meeting pass, in addition to your regular TNC pass. See the registration page for more details.

  • Ann Harding
  • Antonio Carrozzo
  • Antônio Nunes
  • Cecylia Szymanska
  • Christian Meyer
  • Claudio Pisa
  • Dave Heyns
  • Garvan McFeeley
  • Jan Meijer
  • Luiz Coelho
  • Mario Reale
  • Massimo Carboni
  • Michelle Taylor
  • Monique Pellinkhof
  • Naira Kocharyan
  • Nawfel Hamrouni
  • Olaf Verschoor
  • Robert Tadevosyan
  • Sean O'Brien
  • Stefan Arnet
  • 2 others
The agenda of this meeting is empty