GÉANT’s Infoshare - Common European Data Spaces

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

This infoshare will give an overview of the current status of the Common European Data Spaces or ‘CEDS’. Hendrik Ike will introduce the infoshare and give a high level overview as to the context of why the spaces are planned by the European Commission and a timeline of their development. The session will then delve into more detail regarding how certain spaces are related, with Chris Atherton, Mario Reale and Sarah Jones covering the, Green Deal Data Space, Health Data Space and EOSC respectively. The floor will be open for questions throughout.

  • Anke Friedrich
  • Atif Basani
  • Cathrin Stöver
  • Claudio Pisa
  • Galina Timofeeva
  • George Konnis
  • Gilles Massen
  • Helmut Sverenyák
  • Irina Matthews
  • Jan Gruntorad
  • Jan Meijer
  • Jan Wiebelitz
  • Josva Kleist
  • Lars Fischer
  • Leonardo Marino
  • marina de giorgi
  • Matthew Scott
  • Paul Maurice
  • Paul Rouse
  • Peter Bogatencov
  • Sarah Jones
  • Stanislaw Starzak
  • Veronika Di Luna
  • 4 others
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