TM Forum - Information Framework (SID) Practitioner

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

GLAD is organising the advanced TM Forum (SID) Practitioner course for GN4.3 participants who completed the required TM Forum Fundamental courses at an earlier stage. This 2-days course is organised in a virtual classroom led by a professional TM Forum trainer.

For more information visit the course information page.

Who should attend?

Please note that this training event is primarily open to GN4.3 project participants*.

Course fees have already been covered by the GN4.3 Project. Therefore – as in this case there are no travel cost involved- the only requirement from GN4.3 participants is to get approval for time spent:

*Fund your learning through GN4.3

Not a Project participant? Leave your interest and inquiry with

Spaces are limited!



GLAD team (GÉANT Learning and Development)
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