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TM Forum - Information Framework (SID) Practitioner (8 & 9 April)

(Timezone - Europe/Amsterdam)

TM Forum (SID) Practitioner course. This advanced course will go deeper into the theory and practice on the use of the information framework. This is a 2-days - instructor led - virtual classroom training, including exam and certification.

Pre-requisite: Completion of TM Forum SID Fundamental 

Who should attend?

Please note that this training event is primarily open to GN4.3 project participants*.

Course fees are covered. Participants need approval for time spent from the Work Package.

*Fund your learning through GN4.3

Not a Project participant? Leave your interest and inquiry with glad@geant.org

Training provider: TM Forum
Contact: glad@geant.org



GLAD team (GÉANT Learning and Development)
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